Friday, March 26, 2010

long time, no blog

wow, it has been a while! a lot has happened since i last posted.
there was st. patrick's day, which was a ton of fun!
we woke up extra early to cook breakfast for everyone then went to dogtown (st. louis's super irish neighborhood) for the parade. after the parade we came back to the apartment to bbq and hang out in the back yard. it was a lot of fun! after such a fun filled day a fat nap was definitely in order!

there have been a couple of girl's nights, a huge car repair--my poor car needed a new radiator! a trip to the drag ball at a friend's school and a bunch of working.

then, yesterday rickey and i went to look at apartments. right now it's the two of us and one other roommate, but in may we'll all be going our separate ways and moving out of here. we saw one (that was also in dogtown) that we fell in love with! it was huge! with a (non-working) fireplace, french doors, a lot of windows, a ton of closet space, a bunch of counter space (we have none!) and an extra room where i can set up a studio! i really want this one, we'll see what happens!

we also went to rickey's sister's soccer game after apartment hunting. it was freeeeezing and rainy and that's probably how i got this terrible cold. yuck! i made it through winter only getting sick once and now this has to happen when it starts to get nicer! this stinks!

some better news... i will be adding more to my shop soon. a couple of purses and a few dresses too!

Monday, March 15, 2010


volume two comes out march 23rd!!
i can't wait!

(it is cut off and i can't get it any smaller, so go here to watch it!)

etsy updates!

i have added a couple new items to the shop today, be sure to check them out!
pastel floral print skirt

bright multicolored skirt

navy blue ruffle dress

leopard print dress

i will hopefully be adding a couple more things in the next few days. i still have a couple of skirts and tops that i think i'll be putting in.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


so, i just found out how polyvore worked and it's pretty cool!
i just picked out some of the cutest things i found on there, but i'm excited to find out how it all works and upload things of my own. like things i can maybe actually afford!
but until then this is pretty fun.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

our park and the oscars.

dress: thrifted
sweater: h&m
tights, locket & belt: forever 21
oxfords: charlotte russe
purse: heritage

wow, it's been so long! i've been so bad at keeping up with this! these pictures are from last thursday. it was mine and rickey's day off of work and it was pretty nice out so we went for a bike ride. we had planned to ride to some vintage stores in soulard, but we were running behind on time and it was starting to get cold and dark, so we just rode around instead. then just took pictures at tower grove park, which is right by our apartment.

now i'm watching the oscars. i really didn't see very many of the nominations for this year's, which kinda stinks, but i guess it might be better to not have to get worked up about my picks not winning then.
last year i was so angry that milk didn't win best picture and that it instead went to slumdog millionare. i really didn't care for slumdog and really didn't care for that super weird dance sequence at the end. BUT milk, on the other hand was great, everything about it was incredible! i was very happy that sean penn won best actor though, he definitely deserved it!

so far, i'm disappointed that wes anderson's fantastic mr. fox didn't win for best animated feature film.
out of this years 10 best picture nominees i only saw these 4.
inglorious basterds was probably my favorite of these 4, it was awesome! up in the air was really good too (they were in st. louis some of the time!) and precious was super intense. a serious man was really good too, kind of a downer, but in kind of a good way..? i don't think that one will win though.

i just think it would be lame if the hurt locker won, where did that movie come from??
i work at blockbuster and had never even heard of it until we got it in!

but steve martin and alec baldwin have been really funny!