Monday, June 28, 2010

Old 63.

floral dress: forever 21
two toned oxfords: urban outfitters
vintage coach bag: thrifted

this weekend was very different from my usual weekends. instead of being filled with work work work it was filled with fun! rickey and i took the weekend off to go up to mizzou in columbia, missouri to celebrate our friend sara's birthday. i decided that i would map out a bunch of thrift stores to stop at along the way. so we headed out early on saturday on our thriftventure and trip to columbia. unfortunately, we were unable to find my first two stops, the third didn't even exist anymore and the fourth had already closed for the day! we were able to find some in and around the towns we stopped in though! and went to a few vintage shops in downtown columbia too.

i came back with several items to add to the shop! including a couple pairs of shoes, 2 adorable dresses, a few blouses and some super cute dishes too! i'll also be doing a bunch of shop shopping this week and will be starting to restock the shop big time next week!

Monday, June 21, 2010


after talking about this for just about forever i've finally gotten around to it! a tour of our new(ish) home! it has been really exciting for me to do pretty much all of the decision making in our decorating and in getting to pick out all of our furniture instead of just receiving okay looking hand me downs from family or friends. so, first up... the living room!
and next we have the dining room...
i'm still a little blown away by some of the crazy deals we got on this stuff! the dining room table has 6 chairs and 3 leaves! with the leaves it almost doubles in size! it's gigantic! and it was only $30! the record player is one of my favorite pieces in the house--it was also a steal at $25!
then there is my little workspace, an extra room off of the kitchen. unfortunately, i haven't been spending too much time in here. when i do work on stuff i've been lugging all of my supplies out to the dining room where it is air conditioned! this has to be the hottest room of the house!!
i guess that wraps up 3 of the 6 rooms in our apartment. the others are a little less interesting and too messy to share at the moment.

on another note, rickey and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary on friday. we stuffed ourselves at seamus mccdaniel's, then again at ben & jerry's and then went to see toy story 3 at the tivoli! i'm always meaning to take outfit pictures, especially when we go out, but somehow it always gets forgotten or put off or something like that. hopefully soon i'll stop being so forgetful and get with it!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

rushmore beekeepers president.

lately i've had almost no time to do anything. i've been (and will be for the next 5 weeks) working 3 jobs. my regular 2 and babysitting my cousins too. so, that means i get some internet time while i'm at their house, but i don't have much time to spend at home working on any of my projects. and that really stinks! i've been so busy lately that since i ordered it from work last week i still haven't gotten the chance to show off rushmore to rickey--he needs to know how awesome it is!! everyone does! so, for now pictures will have to do until we can actually watch it.

this has to be my favorite part of the movie; when they give a rundown of all the clubs max is a part of, the list goes on and on. it's great!
1, 2-6, 7 & 8

while i was searching for rushmore stills i found this blog. this guy is working his way through the entire criterion collection. i think that is such a cool idea! he started this project back in 2004 and is still working on it. he's up to around 100 films, and the collection has over 200!!

p.s. i am still planning on finding the time to give a tour of my home sometime this week!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

6, 5, 4, 3...

i just noticed in my post archives the first month i had 6 posts, the second i had 5, then 4, 3 and (before this post) 2. so, i'm breaking that pattern! i'm definitely going to post more often. not just little lame ones like this, but some good ones!

plus, i wanted to share this adorable zooey picture with you!

expect a tour of my home and some shop updates next week!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i want...

and just about everything else at Urban Outfitters!
everything right now just looks so nice and summery and fun to wear!

Monday, June 7, 2010

shop update!

star print dress floral bib dress white ruffle blouse

baby blue dress purple blouse 90s floral dress

these few fresh new items just went into the shop! be sure to check them out!!