Saturday, May 29, 2010

prom ride!

the prom ride was a blast! the best fbc ride i've been on yet! fbc is a group here in st. louis that gets together for a fun themed (and drunk) bike ride to a mystery destination every full moon. this time the destination was a bar in east st. louis called the robin's nest. i had never heard of it before and i'm pretty sure no one else there (beside whoever picked it) had either considering it was full of bike riders only. if we hadn't shown up i don't think there would have been anyone there all night! i danced my butt off, spilled drinks everywhere and got some pretty nasty bruises. it was a blast though!

i found out about the ride a little late and ran to the thrift store. i got this 2 piece outfit for like $3, made some changes and was good to go. i think rickey wanted to look as nerdy as possible with both a bow tie and suspenders. mission accomplished! hah.

p.s. you can see my bike in the picture with the car. it is the turquiose one at the bottom!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

just a tease

so, i guess this is just a teaser post to tell you all that i plan to start posting more. hah. i've been the worst lately. i've been getting to use internet about 3-4 times a week and i mostly just get to check if i've sold anything or my bank account. not having internet at home anymore REALLY REALLY stinks!
i've been here at bread co. for the last two and a half hours updating the shop (i have an etsy vintage showcase spot tomorrow!!)

i added 11 new items to the shop including this pair of pastel heels, this 80s floral dress, this dot & dash patterned dress and my favorite new edition ( i wish it fit me!) this pin print dress.

when i become a better blogger (SOON!) i'll show and tell you all about our new apartment, our first party there and tonight's prom themed fbc bike ride!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

welcome home!

[image found here]
so, we are finally all moved into our new apartment! but we are still working on painting and unpacking (it never ends!) i always forget how much painting rooms really stinks!
i am also in the middle of a huge shop update! my biggest yet! not having internet yet really makes it difficult though, so it may take a little bit as i'm going from place to place that has free wi-fi. it will be done soon enough though! be sure to check it out!!