Friday, February 26, 2010

a little ramble

just like everyone else lately i cannot wait any longer for spring! i am soooo tired of all of this freezing weather and crazy expensive heating bills! so yesterday when i went thrifting i went straight for all of the flowy floral print dresses and floral print tank tops too. i can't wait to wear all kinds of comfy cotton dresses and do it all without tights.

i also had some good finds while thrifting that have already been added to my etsy shop! you should definitely check them out. i also made my first sale on a pretty floral dress, which is super exciting!

i still have more to add like a blue silk dress, a striped sailor skirt, two sweaters and a couple more items.

i also watched this movie, Adam today. it was alright, but not as cute and sweet as the trailer made it look. i had to choose from this one and Monster's Ball and i don't think i made the best decision. but i'll watch that one in the next few days.

i've really only heard bad things about it, but i think i'll get 2012 soon (i also work at blockbuster). and i'm looking forward to finally seeing the men who stare at goats and pirate radio when they come out soon.

this weekend should be pretty fun. tomorrow rickey and i will have a little date night and my dad's old band has a reunion show!

Monday, February 22, 2010

turtle park

coat and yellow scarf: h&m
striped shirt: thrifted, avalon exchange
skirt & belt: thrifted
tights: target
tiny t-straps: thrifted
blue scarf: old navy
locket: forever 21

wow, i was wearing a lot of stuff! i really like this pink and white striped shirt. i got it at avalon exchange. any time i try to trade/sell stuff there they barely take anything and they overcharge like crazy! but somehow i found this shirt on the dollar rack a while ago! my feelings change about that place every time i go. these pictures are actually from thursday, which was mine and rickey's day off. we went to turtle park to take these, then to an antique mall and then home to make dinner and watch some more 30 rock.

yesterday was such a nice day, but i had to spend it stuck

in the mall while i was working. and today it was cold and rainy and yucky again. i am just super ready for spring!
i did spot this dress while i was at work the other day though and i want it so bad! i used to not like the whole zipper detailing thing, but i really like this one! there is even an adorable shirt version of it in purple too!

i'll be listing more items in my etsy store in the next few days. i got one dress listed and should get better about adding more once i really get the hang of it.

Monday, February 15, 2010


sweater, skirt and belt: all thrifted
tights: target
oxfords: charlotte russe

posing and having your picture taken is kind of awkward. i asked my boyfriend, rickey to take some pictures. and i just
really didn't know what to do,
especially with my arms. hopefully picture taking will get a little less weird.

for valentine's day i worked during the day and rickey worked at night. so we didn't really get to spend any time together. he works in a fancy restaurant, so they were super busy and he didn't get home until 2 a.m. so we had a really late dinner. i made (and overcooked) a chicken parmesan kind of thing. but i definitely made up for that with dark chocolate fondue for dessert.

tonight i went through and picked out some things i want to put in my etsy shop, so i think i'll try to start taking pictures of everything and start setting up a shop tonight. i also just joined lookbook. so i'll be posting this look on there tonight. i'm really glad i'm finally starting to get everything going!

Monday, February 8, 2010

my (current) new favorite dress.

dress: thrifted
tights: target
shoes: dolce vita

i found this dress a couple of weeks ago and just let it sit around for a while before doing anything to it.
i finally got to shortening it, and now it's adorable! these really aren't the best pictures of it and you can't see them, but there are white buttons all down the back. all i need is something red to belt it and it would be complete. i think it may be my new favorite, although that will probably change in the next few days. i wore it to work the other day (with some less fancy shoes) and quickly realized it was probably way too fancy for standing around and refolding clothes at forever 21. oops!

p.s. please ignore the silly look on my face.

also, last night i started making some fabric necklaces out of some vintage fabric, they look pretty cool. i think they'll look even better wearing a couple of them together when i have more of them made.

starting this blog has been kind of harder than i thought it would be. it has been tricky trying to figure out how to upload and arrange pictures (i'm still working on it) and even trickier trying to take my own outfit photos. soon enough i'll get the hang of it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

my first post!

hello! i'm brynna. and i'm finally starting a blog. i've been following a few for a while and have wanted to start one of my own, but never really got around to it. until now. i really hope i'm able to keep it updated and have enough to say to really have a blog, i guess we'll see.

i wanted to start this, along with an etsy shop (in a little while). there i plan to sell vintage clothes, accessories, and handmade jewelry. maybe even handmade clothing in the future as well.

i'll post soon with more 'get to know you' kind of stuff.