Monday, February 15, 2010


sweater, skirt and belt: all thrifted
tights: target
oxfords: charlotte russe

posing and having your picture taken is kind of awkward. i asked my boyfriend, rickey to take some pictures. and i just
really didn't know what to do,
especially with my arms. hopefully picture taking will get a little less weird.

for valentine's day i worked during the day and rickey worked at night. so we didn't really get to spend any time together. he works in a fancy restaurant, so they were super busy and he didn't get home until 2 a.m. so we had a really late dinner. i made (and overcooked) a chicken parmesan kind of thing. but i definitely made up for that with dark chocolate fondue for dessert.

tonight i went through and picked out some things i want to put in my etsy shop, so i think i'll try to start taking pictures of everything and start setting up a shop tonight. i also just joined lookbook. so i'll be posting this look on there tonight. i'm really glad i'm finally starting to get everything going!

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