Monday, February 22, 2010

turtle park

coat and yellow scarf: h&m
striped shirt: thrifted, avalon exchange
skirt & belt: thrifted
tights: target
tiny t-straps: thrifted
blue scarf: old navy
locket: forever 21

wow, i was wearing a lot of stuff! i really like this pink and white striped shirt. i got it at avalon exchange. any time i try to trade/sell stuff there they barely take anything and they overcharge like crazy! but somehow i found this shirt on the dollar rack a while ago! my feelings change about that place every time i go. these pictures are actually from thursday, which was mine and rickey's day off. we went to turtle park to take these, then to an antique mall and then home to make dinner and watch some more 30 rock.

yesterday was such a nice day, but i had to spend it stuck

in the mall while i was working. and today it was cold and rainy and yucky again. i am just super ready for spring!
i did spot this dress while i was at work the other day though and i want it so bad! i used to not like the whole zipper detailing thing, but i really like this one! there is even an adorable shirt version of it in purple too!

i'll be listing more items in my etsy store in the next few days. i got one dress listed and should get better about adding more once i really get the hang of it.


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