Monday, February 8, 2010

my (current) new favorite dress.

dress: thrifted
tights: target
shoes: dolce vita

i found this dress a couple of weeks ago and just let it sit around for a while before doing anything to it.
i finally got to shortening it, and now it's adorable! these really aren't the best pictures of it and you can't see them, but there are white buttons all down the back. all i need is something red to belt it and it would be complete. i think it may be my new favorite, although that will probably change in the next few days. i wore it to work the other day (with some less fancy shoes) and quickly realized it was probably way too fancy for standing around and refolding clothes at forever 21. oops!

p.s. please ignore the silly look on my face.

also, last night i started making some fabric necklaces out of some vintage fabric, they look pretty cool. i think they'll look even better wearing a couple of them together when i have more of them made.

starting this blog has been kind of harder than i thought it would be. it has been tricky trying to figure out how to upload and arrange pictures (i'm still working on it) and even trickier trying to take my own outfit photos. soon enough i'll get the hang of it!

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