Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Bee

 Last week was such a busy one! Not only was there a two day celebration of Mary Kate's birthday, but then again for our friend, Andrew's birthday on Thursday and Friday! Then some friend's are also in town so that called for going out as well! Needless to say, I'm worn out! So, today I'm finally getting around to some shop stuff -- altering a few pieces, adding a bunch of things and a post office run. Plus trying to set up a float trip, but I don't really know where to start, yikes!

Is anyone else shocked that tomorrow is June 1st? May flew by so fast! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

new in the shop

Here are a few pieces that hit the shop in the last week or so. I'll be working on fixing up some new pieces today, so expect some more good stuff in the next few days! The two tops above are from my own closet. I really love that pastel polka dot top, but I have two that are very similar and thought it would only be fair to share the wealth!

 I can't believe it's already Thursday! This week has flown by! Mary Kate's birthday was a lot of fun and tomorrow is another friend's 21st. That means probably another midnight celebration followed by another birthday night celebration! What a busy week!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To You!

Today is my best friend, Mary Kate's 21st birthday! Finally! Even though I'm only 6 months older than her I've always joked about how she's such a baby, I know I've thought I was hilarious and made her something like a "Happy 12th Birthday!" card at least once. BUT I'm so excited that she's finally 21! Its crazy to me to realize that we've been friends for almost 9 years now! 
In the past 9 years we've moved through different groups of friends, watched at least a billion movies, gone to Canada, Florida too, met some awesome people, gone to/thrown some super fun parties, gone through a 'punk rock' phase (but who didn't?), lived together, lived in different cities, owned the most adorable kitten in the world and stayed best friends all the way through!

 Happy Birthday, best friend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

30 days of lists part 6

Yeah, I'm still dragging out this 30 days of lists project. Its a little embarrassing that it has taken me almost 3 months to do a one month project, but I am determined to finally complete it! So, these are the lists that I did last week and completely forgot about them. Whoops!




Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shop Spotlight

I came across Papercuts by Joe a few months back when it was one of Etsy's front page featured sellers. Just seeing the thumbnail I was curious, so I clicked. And then my mind was blown! This artist hand cuts the most beautifully detailed and intricate designs its insane! I don't know how he does it!  I started out looking at the bicycle cutouts, but just wait till you see the scenery or architecture!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Style Files

Some of my favorite looks from the past week or so...

I love that A Fine Day For Sailing poses with her awesome bike so often and I've been on a (unsuccessful so far) hunt for some huaraches just like hers!
Foxtail & Fern in a cute, but laid back look. Love the polka dots!
I am also loving Off Of Broadway's orange sweater and saltwater sandals. I want some!!
And Aya of Strawberry Koi always looks adorable! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Reading through my week's worth of blogs (around 300 and I'm only halfway through) I came across this funny image from a lightly charmed life's blog. Glad to know I live in the region of dive bars and serial killers. haha.

This week has just completely thrown me off! I've been working overnights on our new floorset at work, but I'm relieved that its finally over. Besides work I've been so unproductive, getting home from work, sleeping all day, laying around and doing it all again. Next week on the other hand will be super productive! Filled with blogging, altering, photographing, merchandise adding and my best friend (finally!) turning 21! I'm excited about it all!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Traveling back in time to a whole month ago, here's the Aprilween fbc ride. As you can see our group has some fantastic costumes (haha) including just a normal dude, a basketball player, some school girls, a couple from the future and a pokemon trainer! Not only were there costumes, but we all rode to the water tower, paid $5 to climb a billion steps and got to check out the city from way up there. AND I took my first spill on my bike which resulted in ripped tights, a bloody knee and a pretty gnarly bruise. All of this was followed by a trip to Atomic Cowboy for a whole bunch of dancing!
The fbc rides are always a ton of fun and I'm super bummed that I'm going to miss tomorrow night's ride which is the best one of the year, prom ride. I had a great time last year. But there's always next month.
Do you guys have anything like this where you live?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

school's out!

 Alright, so I will admit up front that my backyard is definitely not the most glamourous picture taking spot. But today after school I decided I should take some outfit photos, so I threw on an outfit that I liked and wore the other day to share. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to think about what I threw on for school this morning. My class started at 9 and at 9:02 I get a call from my friend who is also in my class asking where I was! Somehow I managed to sleep through all FOUR of my alarms. And to make it even worse, this was the day I had to get to class early to print up my project for the critique! Luckily, by the time I got there other people were still doing the same thing, so it turned out alright!
But school is finally over with!!! So that means more time for blogging, shop stuff, working, summer fun and plenty of other awesome things! I'm so excited! 

P.S. Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, except for the ring from Forever 21 and the necklace from a craft store. 

P.P.S. Did you guys see my new blog design? What do you think? Or any suggestions ?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beach Babes

 Seeing all these beauties in their incredible swimsuits makes me even more excited for my upcoming trip to Florida. I am excited to lounge around, relax on the beach, do some swimming and explore a new city! Now I just need to find a new swimsuit to accompany me!

I've been to Florida many times, but never Destin before. Has anyone else been there? If so, do you have any fun recommendations? Or do you yourself have any fun trips coming up?

All photos found via Q's Daydreams's tumblr the home of tons of beautiful images!