Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To You!

Today is my best friend, Mary Kate's 21st birthday! Finally! Even though I'm only 6 months older than her I've always joked about how she's such a baby, I know I've thought I was hilarious and made her something like a "Happy 12th Birthday!" card at least once. BUT I'm so excited that she's finally 21! Its crazy to me to realize that we've been friends for almost 9 years now! 
In the past 9 years we've moved through different groups of friends, watched at least a billion movies, gone to Canada, Florida too, met some awesome people, gone to/thrown some super fun parties, gone through a 'punk rock' phase (but who didn't?), lived together, lived in different cities, owned the most adorable kitten in the world and stayed best friends all the way through!

 Happy Birthday, best friend!

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