Monday, May 16, 2011


Traveling back in time to a whole month ago, here's the Aprilween fbc ride. As you can see our group has some fantastic costumes (haha) including just a normal dude, a basketball player, some school girls, a couple from the future and a pokemon trainer! Not only were there costumes, but we all rode to the water tower, paid $5 to climb a billion steps and got to check out the city from way up there. AND I took my first spill on my bike which resulted in ripped tights, a bloody knee and a pretty gnarly bruise. All of this was followed by a trip to Atomic Cowboy for a whole bunch of dancing!
The fbc rides are always a ton of fun and I'm super bummed that I'm going to miss tomorrow night's ride which is the best one of the year, prom ride. I had a great time last year. But there's always next month.
Do you guys have anything like this where you live?


Maria Sofia said...

I never heard about anything like this, but it seems like you had a lot of fun, everyone looks really nice :D

Brynna said...

Thanks! They're always a blast!!

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