Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shop Spotlight

Introducing... Shop Spotlight! My new blog feature that will spotlight another awesome Etsy shop that you may or may not know about each week or so. I am excited to start with...

Berkley Illustration is a wonderfully unique Etsy shop full of funny and adorable prints. These animals in suits ones are my absolute favorite! I cannot wait to have my own space to decorate again soon so that I can grab a few of these. Not only are these prints hilarious, but there are equally as funny descriptions to go along with each animal!  
Berkley Illustrations is filled with prints as well as corresponding magnets, buttons and bottle openers. If you haven't stopped by this shop yet check it out now!


Allison Marcia said...

Wow! I love the squirrel but I think the shark ones would creep me out. :) Cute idea for a post! I just did one that included a few items from etsy.

Thanks for sharing, I love finding new, unique etsy shops!

Halley said...

Cool! I love love love the last shark one. Also the leopard with the monocle - tres chic.

First time here and loving it! Great blog design.

Anonymous said...

I love the shark!! Looking forward to your other features :) Oh, by the way the second link "check it out" isnt working. The first link is tho!

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