Tuesday, April 27, 2010

movies, movies, movies!

in the past week or so i've crossed quite a few movies off of my 'movies to watch' list.

i watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus the other day. it was really neat. this is one of the ones that i've been waiting on for a long time! and since heath ledger is (and has been ever since i saw 10 things i hate about you a million years ago) one of my favorite people of all time i HAD to see it. he was great and even though they probably had to rewrite a ton of the movie it was still really cool! everything behind the mirror was incredible!

Mammoth is another one i was really looking forward to. i love both michelle williams and gael garcia bernal. i enjoyed watching it, but it had a pretty lame ending (as well as some kind of lame dialogue here and there) nothing really changed much for their little family all in all.

Uncertainty was SUCH a letdown. joseph gordon-levitt is one of my favorites, but this movie was just silly. just like mammoth, nothing was really solved or changed in this one and why did they never change out of their easy to spot yellow clothes??? i know it went with the theme, but i thought it was just kind of silly.

i think i was one of the only people left in the world that hadn't seen Avatar yet, but it was awesome!! SO beautiful!

i had never seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest before and turns out it's great! i didn't doubt that, i just didn't know what to really expect. it was such a good story and it was really neat to see everyone so young! i couldn't believe that was Danny DeVito he looked like a baby!! this one had to be my favorite of these five.

Saturday, April 24, 2010



lately a lot of the blogs i read have been talking about what they would wear on the trips they would love to take. some of them have been talking about going to music festivals. as much as i would loooove to get to go to bonnaroo or even lollapalooza i'll be far too poor to go. BUT i'll most definitely be going to Loufest here in st. louis at the end of august! it's a much smaller festival than the others, but it will be really neat to have something like that (that isn't warped tour) here in st. louis, and in forest park! PLUS she & him will be there!!!

so those are some of the things i'd love to wear to Loufest... plus some other things i really liked ( i wouldn't wear the polka dot or purple dress or those adorable t-strap heels to a hot outdoor event) i really liked the florals, that's something that will almost definitely be attending the concert with me. and the oxfords seem like a pretty practical choice for the event. the satchel style bag would be nice and easy and sunglasses are a must! i've really never been into wearing sunglasses, but i think i'm going to make myself start this summer. then of corse, plenty of she & him music!!

P.S. ONE WEEK until moving day!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

new additions

there are some nice new additions to the shop as of yesterday. a peach gingham dress, a navy blue wrap dress, a corduroy skirt and a handmade cowl neck dress. i decided to knock out some of my pile of stuff to work on and list yesterday, but forgot about a couple other pieces. so hopefully i'll get those couple other ones up in the next few days.

in other news... we move in 2 weeks! i am really excited and i'm still decorating crazy. i've bought sooo many little picture frames (i think we have more than 30 now all together!), been on a hunt for the perfect candlestick wall mounts and can't stop thinking about shelving! we've found out that we can paint, so that's just another thing for me to daydream about.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

decorating crazy!

as usual, it has been a while. BUT i do have good news... the apartment i wrote about last time--we applied for it and they told us we got it the very next day!! i am sooo excited! we will be signing the lease sometime this week hopefully, but not moving in until may 1st.

ever since we got the news i have gone decorating crazy! searching online, in magazines and plenty of doodling any ideas i really love.
this is an incredible living room i discovered the other day. it's so beautiful! i love the two chandeliers and that couch. i really like the frame cluster too. it is kind of the same thing i have already done here, except instead of all the puppies mine are movie stills and posters and bands.
i reeeeallly want to find a couch like this! one with exposed wood, the legs are my favorite part! we did just a little bit of looking at some thrift stores the other day and found some that were pretty nice, but didn't show off the legs and instead had little flaps. so i think if i find one that is a nice shape and print i could just tack (or something similar) the flaps up to show the legs.
in this one i really love the coffee table. we have a pretty boring coffee table and i had been thinking about decoupage, but thought it might be a little too crazy, i'm still not sure. i do like the idea of a big bob dylan head on there though. but doing a mosaic could be way cooler!
for quite a while now i've dreamt about having a giant bookcase that takes over an entire wall. i don't think we can do something quite that big, but i want to put some sort of shelving along one of the sides of the fireplace. doing cubes would be really neat, we'll see!

i'm sure i'll come across a ton more beautiful rooms, so there will probably be more posts just like this.
i'm just so excited!!