Tuesday, April 6, 2010

decorating crazy!

as usual, it has been a while. BUT i do have good news... the apartment i wrote about last time--we applied for it and they told us we got it the very next day!! i am sooo excited! we will be signing the lease sometime this week hopefully, but not moving in until may 1st.

ever since we got the news i have gone decorating crazy! searching online, in magazines and plenty of doodling any ideas i really love.
this is an incredible living room i discovered the other day. it's so beautiful! i love the two chandeliers and that couch. i really like the frame cluster too. it is kind of the same thing i have already done here, except instead of all the puppies mine are movie stills and posters and bands.
i reeeeallly want to find a couch like this! one with exposed wood, the legs are my favorite part! we did just a little bit of looking at some thrift stores the other day and found some that were pretty nice, but didn't show off the legs and instead had little flaps. so i think if i find one that is a nice shape and print i could just tack (or something similar) the flaps up to show the legs.
in this one i really love the coffee table. we have a pretty boring coffee table and i had been thinking about decoupage, but thought it might be a little too crazy, i'm still not sure. i do like the idea of a big bob dylan head on there though. but doing a mosaic could be way cooler!
for quite a while now i've dreamt about having a giant bookcase that takes over an entire wall. i don't think we can do something quite that big, but i want to put some sort of shelving along one of the sides of the fireplace. doing cubes would be really neat, we'll see!

i'm sure i'll come across a ton more beautiful rooms, so there will probably be more posts just like this.
i'm just so excited!!

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Carys said...

Wow!!! That first picture: literally my dream house. Thanks for the inspiration, good luck decorating! Hope you had a nice easter, love the blog!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

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