Saturday, April 24, 2010



lately a lot of the blogs i read have been talking about what they would wear on the trips they would love to take. some of them have been talking about going to music festivals. as much as i would loooove to get to go to bonnaroo or even lollapalooza i'll be far too poor to go. BUT i'll most definitely be going to Loufest here in st. louis at the end of august! it's a much smaller festival than the others, but it will be really neat to have something like that (that isn't warped tour) here in st. louis, and in forest park! PLUS she & him will be there!!!

so those are some of the things i'd love to wear to Loufest... plus some other things i really liked ( i wouldn't wear the polka dot or purple dress or those adorable t-strap heels to a hot outdoor event) i really liked the florals, that's something that will almost definitely be attending the concert with me. and the oxfords seem like a pretty practical choice for the event. the satchel style bag would be nice and easy and sunglasses are a must! i've really never been into wearing sunglasses, but i think i'm going to make myself start this summer. then of corse, plenty of she & him music!!

P.S. ONE WEEK until moving day!!

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