Friday, February 26, 2010

a little ramble

just like everyone else lately i cannot wait any longer for spring! i am soooo tired of all of this freezing weather and crazy expensive heating bills! so yesterday when i went thrifting i went straight for all of the flowy floral print dresses and floral print tank tops too. i can't wait to wear all kinds of comfy cotton dresses and do it all without tights.

i also had some good finds while thrifting that have already been added to my etsy shop! you should definitely check them out. i also made my first sale on a pretty floral dress, which is super exciting!

i still have more to add like a blue silk dress, a striped sailor skirt, two sweaters and a couple more items.

i also watched this movie, Adam today. it was alright, but not as cute and sweet as the trailer made it look. i had to choose from this one and Monster's Ball and i don't think i made the best decision. but i'll watch that one in the next few days.

i've really only heard bad things about it, but i think i'll get 2012 soon (i also work at blockbuster). and i'm looking forward to finally seeing the men who stare at goats and pirate radio when they come out soon.

this weekend should be pretty fun. tomorrow rickey and i will have a little date night and my dad's old band has a reunion show!

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