Monday, June 28, 2010

Old 63.

floral dress: forever 21
two toned oxfords: urban outfitters
vintage coach bag: thrifted

this weekend was very different from my usual weekends. instead of being filled with work work work it was filled with fun! rickey and i took the weekend off to go up to mizzou in columbia, missouri to celebrate our friend sara's birthday. i decided that i would map out a bunch of thrift stores to stop at along the way. so we headed out early on saturday on our thriftventure and trip to columbia. unfortunately, we were unable to find my first two stops, the third didn't even exist anymore and the fourth had already closed for the day! we were able to find some in and around the towns we stopped in though! and went to a few vintage shops in downtown columbia too.

i came back with several items to add to the shop! including a couple pairs of shoes, 2 adorable dresses, a few blouses and some super cute dishes too! i'll also be doing a bunch of shop shopping this week and will be starting to restock the shop big time next week!

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