Monday, June 21, 2010


after talking about this for just about forever i've finally gotten around to it! a tour of our new(ish) home! it has been really exciting for me to do pretty much all of the decision making in our decorating and in getting to pick out all of our furniture instead of just receiving okay looking hand me downs from family or friends. so, first up... the living room!
and next we have the dining room...
i'm still a little blown away by some of the crazy deals we got on this stuff! the dining room table has 6 chairs and 3 leaves! with the leaves it almost doubles in size! it's gigantic! and it was only $30! the record player is one of my favorite pieces in the house--it was also a steal at $25!
then there is my little workspace, an extra room off of the kitchen. unfortunately, i haven't been spending too much time in here. when i do work on stuff i've been lugging all of my supplies out to the dining room where it is air conditioned! this has to be the hottest room of the house!!
i guess that wraps up 3 of the 6 rooms in our apartment. the others are a little less interesting and too messy to share at the moment.

on another note, rickey and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary on friday. we stuffed ourselves at seamus mccdaniel's, then again at ben & jerry's and then went to see toy story 3 at the tivoli! i'm always meaning to take outfit pictures, especially when we go out, but somehow it always gets forgotten or put off or something like that. hopefully soon i'll stop being so forgetful and get with it!!


Carys said...

It looks lovely, your pictures look so cool, and that dresser is so pretty!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Diya said...

gorgeous photo frame collage and wallpaper behind that sewing machine!

Mod Elle said...

I love your workspace. It feels so homey & creative. Did you paint the blue dresser? Great idea! Happy Anniversary! :)

Brynna said...

i did, it used to be a cream color. and thank you!!

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