Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy Bee

Thanks to my new found love of tomatoes, here is a yummy dinner I made for us the other night.
Fried tomato sandwiches.
With yellow and red tomatoes, cheese, spinach, bacon and jalapenos. So good!

Sorry for the lack of personal posts lately (well lack of posts in general, i guess). I have been such a busy bee, but not really in a good, productive way unfortunately. I have been working like crazy. And last week while riding his bike to work, Rickey got hit by a car! So, needless to say I lost my shop workday and day off to the hospital and taking care of him. He's doing fine though, so that's really good.

I've been coming up with ideas for the shop left and right, but haven't time to pursue many of them. That really stinks! I keep being afraid that I'll forget something I want to do, but luckily I've written everything down. Maybe if I share the things I need to work on it'll really get me going.

-make candles
-make pillows
-work on dresses
-work on shop freebies

There we go! I should probably get to work!

P.S. Some items I just added to the shop! It's been a while since I've added any new accessories. When thrifting I usually head right for the shoe section, then the dresses. By then I've probably already gathered more things than I should be spending money on and not even think to look in the jewelry cases. Last time I DID think to check it out and found some of these cuties that you can check out in the shop right now!

I have also added a few things to the SUMMER SALE. So be sure to check it out!!

We're supposed to get the new season of The Office in at work today, so I think I'll be heading up there to get that! Do you guys have any fun plans for the day??

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Bite The Beat said...

Fried tomato sandwiches! Yumma!!And with bacon and jalapenos! That deserves an extra yumma!


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