Friday, May 18, 2012

new hair & repeat pieces

I mentioned the other day that I dyed my hair. Well, here are the results, except that it's a little bit lighter in real life. It's kind of a mix of blonde, brown, yellow and orange, but it's really been growing on me this past week.

I wore this outfit the other night just hanging out with some friends. I just keep wearing this skirt, I really need to find a similar one that isn't corduroy! This is probably the 10th time it has popped up in an outfit post! Whoops! And this crop top is a piece that expired in my shop. I tried it out and kinda liked it. Who knows, maybe it'll go back into the shop, or maybe it'll just stay in my closet. 
This week has totally thrown me off. I've been working overnight, sleeping all day and then being lazy for the couple hours I have between waking up and going back in to work. But it's finally over now and I couldn't be happier! Back to regular, structured life! I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I'll be enjoying what feels like the first time off I've had in weeks!
Outfit Details
Top &Skirt: Thrifted


Mr. Mcgranor said...
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Mr. Mcgranor said...

I aint hip to dyed hair.

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