Friday, June 1, 2012

stuff & things vol. 13

I really love Mandi's handmade dress and really want to make one just like it of my own.
But you know, not maternity.
What's cooler than floral jorts?! I need to find a pair!
What a clever tattoo idea! I love this!

I am so excited for this to come out! It looks so cool, plus Leo is just the dreamiest.
If I had $238 to spare I'd definitely grab this dress! I've never been a big stripe person, but I've been crazy about them lately!
Sarah of Mouse Trap Vintage posted this awesome Moonrise Kingdom themed update.

If you haven't seen this yet you must!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


lina said...

i JUST saw the james & aubrey wedding video. LOVED it. so much.

Moe said...

I loved that wedding video...I sent it to Zach & he liked it too! Makes me excited for ours lol. Lovely round up of awesome things!

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