Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Catching up on my flooded Google Reader after 3 days without internet access has been quite a project so far. I did come across some beautiful Spring lines thanks to Sally Jane Vintage. This one from TBA is probably my favorite for the moment. I love the natural, earthy feel these photos have. I love the plain simple neutral cream/white/brown color palette along with the socks! That is probably another one of my goals this year--to pull off socks with sandals and look half as cute as these girls while doing so. I'm also loving the long side braids and am wishing my hair was long enough to cooperate for that! Oh, I cannot wait for Springtime! 

Thanks to this big ugly snowstorm I've lost these last few days to extreme laziness. I've been kind of stranded at Rickey's without school, work or even internet, but there has been plenty of tv-watching (thanks to Showtime on demand!) I had also been planning on starting Film Fest this past Monday, but probably won't get to it till next Monday now. We'll see I suppose. I hope you're all keeping safe and warm and those of you who are in warm parts of the world, I am SOOO stinkin' jealous! Lucky ducks!

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