Tuesday, February 8, 2011

recent buys

For the first time in over a year I bought myself a NEW dress. I can't believe it had really been that long! The only new things I've bought myself in the last year have been shoes and 2 pairs of jeans, but for Valentine's day's sake I thought I should get something new. This cutie came from h&m. It seems like it will be a pretty versatile piece--it will look nice and fancy with black tights and heels for now and will look kind of 'prairie girl-ish' worn with bare legs in the spring and summertime. So, I'm pretty pleased with this purchase.
 I also just received these cute little Seychelles the other day. They are even cuter in person than they were in pictures plus they fit me perfectly! The brown ones on the other hand, were much cuter in their pictures. I thought that the height could be good for wearing to work, but I'm still kind of unsure about them.
I've never cared much for Valentine's Day before, but Rickey seems to have some tricks up his sleeve this year so I'm actually really excited! He has the whole thing all planned out and won't tell me anything. Usually when he has some kind of surprise or something in mind he spills and doesn't keep it too long, but not this time! I can't wait!

Also, I think I may make Film Fest a bi-weekly feature with how insanely busy I've been lately.

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Kristin said...

You have such great taste! <3

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