Wednesday, November 3, 2010

just in case...

If you hadn't already noticed Maggie's Farm recently got a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Come 'like' and 'follow'! I'm so new to Twitter and trying to figure it all out, it's fun to follow people though!


P.S. I sadly have NO Halloween pictures to share with you guys. I realized that my camera was dead last minute and a friend has the charger! Later in the night a group picture was taken, but someone decided to flash the camera, so needless to say that one did not make it's way onto facebook (and I couldn't use it).

Rickey and I went as The Dude and Maude Lebowski. I wore the gold viking getup complete with a basketball cut in half and painted gold as a bra! It was such a fun costume! We went to see The Monads play their final show at Off Broadway's Halloween Hootennanny where the band dressed up as The Hungry Hungry Hippos and we all threw around inflated white balls! Then we went to a friend's party afterwards.

How was your Halloween??

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