Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Goals

happy-new-year-currier-ives_450px.jpg2011 is going to be a good year, full of progress and growing up! I was debating over making a '21 before 22 list' or some new year's resolutions, but thought a list of goals for the whole year would be best. So here they are...

-Take more pictures. I know I always talk about this, but it's something I NEED to do. I will start carrying my camera around with me all the time. I just always feel so weird going outdoors with my camera and tripod to pose all by myself, but I need to man up and just do it already!

-Go back to school--it starts Tuesday!
-Reach 200 sales--I hit 100 sales before my shop's 1st birthday, so hopefully this won't be too though.
-Start saving money for fun trips, and hopefully a down payment on a house?
-Get better at sewing, not just altering, but sewing from scratch
-Go on a fun vacation--hiking in Georgia and then heading down to Florida with Rickey's family!
-Move (back) out is something I am SO anxious to do. I loved having my own space, now I have to cram a whole apartment's worth of stuff into my tiny bedroom and storage area
-Improve my blog--I have a bunch of features that I want to add I just need to start making the time for it.

-Read more is another thing I need to make more time for. I have so many books waiting to be read, but no time to do it.
-Get another tattoo--it's been too long since my last one and I've really been itching for another lately 


Sarah said...

these are great! you gave me a few ideas

Madam Thumb said...

I also need to start taking my camera out and about- although last time I did I chucked my camera in my handbag and broke the pins in the lens! :(

Christine said...

love your blog.. and I too really want to get another tattoo :D

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