Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Decorating Crazy : Kitchen Edition

One thing is for sure; whenever we buy a house we will have a black and white checkered kitchen floor! I love the kitschy feel of these kitchens, and then also the fresh, clean, industrial feel of the last image. There is something so neat looking about the open shelving instead of cabinets, but I don't think we could handle keeping everything so neat and organized looking all of the time! I feel like the kitchen is a tough place to really decorate while renting, so I guess these are more kitchen eye candy and decorating inspiration. Oh well!

Kitchens can be found on my 'For the Home' pinboard.


Carissa Clark said...

ahhh such pretty eye candy, I want!

allison said...

Those are some dreamy kitchens! I love the black and white check floor, it's the perfect touch for any retro-inspired kitchen :) have you seen the vintage-inspired refrigerators? http://bigchill.com/site/fridges they are so amazing!

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