Friday, January 27, 2012

stuff & things vol. 2

The trailer for Jeff, Who Lives at Home was finally released! Yet another Jason Segel movie to look forward to!
I have really been itching for a new tattoo lately, but cannot decide what I want to get next! I love that little horse one though!
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As usual I've been dreaming of long hair. My hair just doesn't seem to grow. I trimmed it last night to get rid of all of the dead ends and I'm really hoping that helps speed things up!
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This is a pretty great idea for a simple bed with a little bit of extra storage! I think something like this may need to be in our near future.
 How perfect is this crewel artwork (still for sale!) found via Kate's blog! She said that she almost thrifted something similar recently, but got to the register to find they only took cash when she only had a card. Funny, same EXACT thing happened to me last week! Weird.

I cannot believe that it's already the weekend again!
I'm really planning on being super productive. I took product photos for a whole bunch of new vintage for the shop the other day, so I'll be editing and finally listing! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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lazy explorers said...

I love that flowery tattoo. I think I want to get something pretty like that.

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