Wednesday, April 18, 2012

off time

It's been pretty rare lately that Rickey and I have a whole lot of time off of work together. Our work schedules are kind of backwards, but this week I've been working some overnight shifts, so we've matched up a little bit. The other day we finished up all of our tax business, grabbed some lunch and took it to the park, looked at some dogs at the Humane Society and went grocery shopping all before I headed back into work later that night. We managed to get a few quick outfit shots even though the wind was shooting right at me.

Over the weekend I decided to finally dedicate a day off to working on my 'stuff to work on' pile. Those days are almost always hit or miss. Either just about everything will turn out pretty great or I'll end up messing a bunch of things up. Luckily this was one of those good days, actually a really great day! I fixed up so many things that had been waiting around for so long. A lot more of them went into my own closet than (will be going) into the shop, but I'm so happy to finally have made some progress on it! Including this skirt and the perfect fitting dress minus its funny puffy sleeves! I just want to wear the dress everyday now!

Outfit Details
shirt & skirt: thrifted
shoes: h&m

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