Monday, April 30, 2012

shop update

I had totally planned on an outfit post for today, but unfortunately Saturday's insane weather decided otherwise. Rickey and I were on our way to the zoo when it started storming, so we turned around and came home instead. We went out a little bit later thinking we'd take some quick pictures before heading to a movie, but then ended up cutting it too close. While we were in the movie (The Five Year Engagement, which was really really great) it started hailing, in-theater sirens went off, we almost evacuated the theater, were told to sit back down and they finally resumed the movie. It was a pretty scary experience, not really knowing what was going on outside. Did anyone else have crazy storms?

All of that aside, these are the goodies that will be heading into the shop this week! I was tempted to keep almost all of these, but I guess I'll share and offer them up to everyone else! :)


Leah said...

These are so great! Where do you find these?

lina said...

wow! crazy weather!
this shop update is quite spiffy : )
gonna see 5 year engagement with the boyfriend tomorrow :D

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