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In 2009 I managed to kind of stumble into the blog world. I had googled "zooey deschanel hair" one day which led me to discovering Liebemarlene. I thought this crazy thing she was doing was so cool and soon discovered there were actually tons of girls out there doing the same kind of thing! So, after much thinking and decision making I decided I wanted to be a part of it all. In February I started this blog and opened my Etsy shop. In 11 days I sold my first item (the dress above) and was thrilled that I could be making money off of something that fun!
In the beginning I was much better about taking outfit photos, now I've gotten to be pretty lame with it. But you'll soon find out that it's going to be one of my new years resolutions. 
In March we went all out while celebrating St. Patrick's day. We woke up early made breakfast for everyone and headed to Dogtown for the parade. Afterwards we went back to the apartment for a bbq and more fun, followed by a much needed fat nap all through the evening. 
Around this time Rickey was still working nights, so we started having nice little 'girls nights' at the apartment. They mostly consisted of drinking, chit-chatting and chatroulette. One night among the sea of penises and weirdos we got the Jonas brothers (not that we're fans, but hey, they're famous!) This picture is so funny and I love that all we were able to say was "rhats heyy" "what the" and "what are yiy doing"
Our lease was ending in May and it was about time for Rickey and I to live on our own and say goodbye to our awesome apartment in Tower Grove. So, in April we started looking for our new home.
In May Rickey and I moved into our new apartment in Dogtown. I had the best time doing all of the decorating! 
In May we also participated in the FBC prom ride. We all dressed up in funny prom attire and rode our bikes around town all the way to a sketchy bar in East St. Louis.
photo.php.jpgMay was also when we threw our first party in our new home in celebration of Mary Kate's (my best friend and our old roommate) birthday. It was a great party, everyone was just coming home from college for summer, so it was fun to see everyone again!lb.jpg
During June I was pretty busy with work and babysitting my cousins, but Rickey and I did find the time to make our way out to Mizzou to celebrate Sara's birthday. And I managed to take one outfit photo. (hah) I'm taking more this year! I think I had a total of six, which is even less than I thought.

In July I discovered stick and poke tattoos. Rickey thought they were cool too and let me give him one! Other than that it was still all work and babysitting.
In August we found the perfect river spot and spent the day there. We drank, bbq-ed, played and even met a man that was just released from jail for trying to kill his step father! He kind of tagged along with us that day. Definitely weird. Also in August Rickey got hit by a car while riding his bike to work. And soon after that broke his foot while playing soccer. With all of these injuries he was out of work for quite a while, which led to us being kind of poor and eventually having to move out of our apartment. :(
In September we spent most of the month preparing to move out and for the music festival that I signed up to sell at. I spent so much time that month hemming, altering, crafting and coming up with all kinds of ideas only to go to the festival and be terribly let down by the tiny turnout.
In October we went to the festival. I was relieved to come back home and finally get back into the swing of things with the shop and life in general--having to adjust to living back at home.
In November I celebrated my 21st birthday! And saw Ben Kweller!
timkasher.jpgAnd finally in December I've worked more hours, put updating the shop on hold and enjoyed the holiday season. Oh! And saw Tim Kasher!

With a new year beginning I am excited to start fresh with new resolutions and plans for a wonderful 2011. I can't wait to resume shop updates and carry out plans for expansion, go back to school and take some fun trips!!

Happy New Year to you all!!

all other photos my own

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