Friday, July 29, 2011

fun fact friday vol. 2

I've only met one other blogger before. 
It was quite a while back. One day at work I was working the fitting room taking people's things and getting them into rooms. Then all of a sudden there was a familiar face in my line, just waiting to be helped. I was shocked, a little confused and almost starstruck. With it being really busy at the time I just quickly helped her into her room. Then I was like 'I'm being crazy, I should just say hi and tell her I like her work.' So, when she returned the items she didn't want I (was pretty sure I) sounded like a huge creep and said something along the lines of 'I just wanted to let you know that I know you're Blooming Leopold and I really love your blog!' Luckily she didn't act like she thought I was a weirdo and was perfectly nice and sweet about it!

Photo from her blog.


Elizabeth said...

Thats awesome! I don't think I've ever met another blogger but I was on an airplane once and a girl from a crafting message board I was on recognized me. It was neat to catch up in real life.

Mackenzie said...

The only blogger I've met before was a local blogger who I did an interview with. It was cool to get to talk about blogging since most of my friends don't really get it!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the comment my lovely,
There is a south west blogger meet up soon and I'm going to that so it'll be really cool to meet other bloggers :]

Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

lauren winter said...

you didn't sound like a creep! I'm so glad you said something to me, it made my day :) meeting other bloggers is one of the best parts of writing a blog, I think.

you've got the cutest shop!

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