Monday, August 1, 2011

movin' on

So, we're FINALLY doing it. We're finally working on moving out once again. Around this time last year Rickey got hit by a car while riding his bike to work then not even two weeks later he broke his foot. With all of his injuries he was out of work (without pay) for over a month, after a little bit we couldn't afford to stay in our apartment so we had to move back in with our families. In this past year we've been saving up money and figuring out what our next move is. We've decided renting a house is what we want to do for now, and the hunt is on!
This is my favorite thing we saw on Sunday! We still have some more looking to do, but I really fell in love with those columns and built-ins. Plus, do you see those shelves in the next room?! This was the second place we saw and we both really liked it. The first place on the other hand turned out to look more like someone's shed than a house! It was pretty bad. 

So, I'm back to online house hunting, emailing and making phone calls. Finding a house for rent has already proven to be much more difficult than finding an apartment. And the fact that I've emailed several different people about homes and haven't heard back from a single one of them is also realllllllly aggravating (seriously, 6 different people). Why would anyone list a property and just ignore all inquires? 

I am just getting so anxious and antsy to finally do this again, it's been way too long!


fawn said...

that home is beautiful! i love shelving, you can never have too much! my fiancee and i are currently on the prowl for a home too. we have two favorites so we're crossing our fingers.
i totally know that antsy feeling you're having. and i certainly understand the frustration of people not returning emails/calls when you're interested in a home! good luck with your search!! :)

Mackenzie said...

Ah I totally know how you feel. It's really exciting to find a new place but it can also be stressful. As of today I'm homeless n a new city so tomorrow I'll be calling every apartment complex and searching the internet tirelessley!
That house looks lovely, I hope it works out for you!

Brynna said...

fawn -- i know, i'm always a sucker for any kind of shelving or built-ins. good luck with all of your home business too!

mackenzie -- you are one brave girl! i would have been searching for a place online as soon as i knew i was moving! good luck and i hope you find something fast!!

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