Monday, August 15, 2011

I've Got the Blues

The newest few listings in my shop right now, all those blues! I love how they all look and fit together so nicely, I almost don't even want to add anymore for a bit to not switch up this color story. But I will. There are actually a few up there that are from my own closet, some that even though I rarely wear I was a little iffy about adding them. When I have those feelings though it's always nice to remember that eventually someone else who also loves it will buy it and wear it more than I ever did! 

No worries though, new shoes coming today!


fawn said...

i get the SAME feeling about adding some of my own clothing to my shop, it was never really an option until my closet was looking a little too full, haha. so i've said my goodbyes and listed some of them.

chrissy said...

your blog is just lovely!


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