Monday, August 29, 2011


A peek into what has been keeping me so busy this past week. I've been such a bad blogger, (sorry for boring you all with some of these lame posts) and just let some of my blog plans for last week just slip away. But I guess that's necessary sometimes.

Saturday was a day to be dedicated to finally finding some furniture. As we were heading from one garage sale to another my car started making an weird noise and suddenly died. Worst timing ever! It was towed and hopefully I will find out what the deal is today. I am just hoping so badly that it isn't anything too serious. After a long walk and a stop for lunch we were still able to head out to some thrift stores. I guess after what had happened earlier we deserved some good luck, at the first place we found a couch and a chair and at the second a coffee table. Living room complete! All of this was followed by dinner and Our Idiot Brother, which I highly recommend!

This week will be filled with work, more gathering stuff for the new place and hopefully I'll find some time to add some items to the shop! I can't wait to get settled into our new home and get everything back in order!

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Kristin said...

its so cool that you are planning to decorate your home! i love to add some nice things in my room as well. i cant wait to see your finds : )

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