Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hunt is On.

Well, first of all, I wish I would have noticed that my sleeve was sticking out of my sweater before walking out the door to take these. So just ignore that please. You will probably also notice that I don't look thrilled to be taking these or even that I am not so great at hiding the camera remote.
But thats what you'll get after the morning I've had. So we found a new place, a townhome/apartment and (you already know if you read this post) I am so excited about furniture and decorating. Now this starts the furniture hunting, because it's much more like hunting than shopping. Last night we went to 4 different thrift stores and found nothing. I went to 3 other ones today and still nothing. I went in looking for furniture and all I came out with were 2 dresses and a fondue pot. The annoying thing is that whenever I'm not in the market for furniture it's everywhere! I remember finding an incredible 60's hutch for $30 a few years ago and I don't think I will ever stop kicking myself for not getting it (plus a storage space to keep it in). I am really hoping that our luck turns around and we start finding some good stuff for our new home.
 This dress is a funny piece. I had decided that it's too short to wear without tights a while back. Then I tried it on again recently and decided it was probably okay to wear without them and went for it. I think I was wrong, it's pretty short. After today that dress is once again part of my 'only with tights' collection. The top is one of my favorite pieces. I've had it for 5 or 6 years now and wear it so many different ways. The collar and ascot make it so perfect to wear underneath just about anything! Do you guys have any staples like that in your wardrobe? They are just so helpful and versatile! 

Shirt: H&M
Dress & cardigan: Forever 21
Sandals: Thrifted


Deirdre said...

That dress is super cute! I want a sailor-y type dress so bad! I've found a few actually, but I still am saving for that Macbook - it's so hard not to shop right now! I cannot wait until I have my Mac and can finally buy some clothes for the fall!

lazy explorers said...

That dress is adorable!

Xo Chloe.

lifeisamaze said...

Pretty dress !

Charlotte. said...

gorgeous dress!

NĂ¡dia said...

cuuute dress! :D

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