Monday, August 8, 2011

bikes + babes

 I'm sure some of you have seen Erin from Calivintage newest blog, bikes + babes. It's filled with photos of cute girls and their cute bikes and serves as a great inspiration to just hop on your bike! This Summer I really wanted to ride my bike a whole lot more and seeing these pictures is just a reminder. With the weather beginning to cool down in the next few weeks I will definitely have to start riding a bunch more. I can't believe that I haven't even shared my road bike that I got last Summer with you guys yet! I better get to it!


Mackenzie said...

These pictures are so lovely! I can't wait to get my bike out of storage. I miss it.

Jess Lucas / Pink Sunshine said...

I posted about this as well recently when I adopted a bike called Hettie, She is currently in bike hospital but hope she will be 100 % soon so I can get out on her!! so much beautiful inspiration on erins blog!

Jess x

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