Friday, July 15, 2011

JB Park

This is what I wore yesterday to do some running around with Rickey to get everything we need for this weekend's float trip. I am so excited that this is finally happening, I feel like I've been waiting for far too long! This week I have been really busy with work and other stuff and haven't had much blog/shop time and unfortunately, it looks like next week will be the same way (except for weirder since I'm working overnights all week). But I am working on collecting a bunch of pieces and doing a larger update than usual. I have several super cute summer pieces left to add to the shop and some great fall items that I've been holding onto for a while now.

This outfit is entirely thrifted except for my bag that I got at Michael's and ironed on the design. I got these huaraches last week and I haven't taken them off since! I had been searching for months for a pair of these sandals for myself and finally found some! They are so comfy and great for everyday wear.
If you've been reading for a while now you may have read my Shopper's Guilt post. Well, today at work we got the most perfect fall cardigans. I was so excited as soon as I opened the box and saw the colors. So, despite my usual guilty feeling when it comes to new clothing purchases, I realized that the sweater I was wearing at the time is probably 3 or 4 years old by now. And since my work requires me to cover my tattoos cardigans are kind of a big staple in my work wardrobe. So I considered it an investment and got 3 of them -- rust, mustard and taupe. I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of them around here in the coming months.
 Even though I've been busy it's been a really good and really fast week. I am so excited to finish it up with a big friends float trip! Do you guys have any fun plans for this weekend?


Kristin said...

You absolutely look adorable. I wish I would have a boyfriend to drag along wherever I go! Hahaha! I would like to see the printed bag you made. : )

Mackenzie said...

Your outfit is so darn cute. At my old job I also had to cover up my tattoos so I totally understand investing in some cardigans. I always have a hard time spending money of basic items like that but it's always a smart decision.


Ellie said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm so glad to have found yours- I've loved browsing through all your lists! And I enjoy your taste in music as well- "Me and Julio" has been stuck in my head for days! :D

Ester said...

OH MY! I love your outfit... and your hairdo! it looks so effortless and yet so cute! :)

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