Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopper's Guilt

I've always been a pretty thrifty person, always aware of what I can and cannot afford. I don't think I have ever bought anything full priced at Urban Outfitters, or other places like it, why pay $60 for one item when I can get 2 or 3 pieces for the same amount somewhere else? But not until the last few years since I've gotten more into thrifting have I just felt kind of guilty shopping for new clothes. I always think, "I could find something just like that in a thrift store" or "I could totally make that myself!" even if I never actually get around to making it or actually find something similar. I think I could actually list all of the new clothing I have gotten in the last year (the last was a dress for Valentine's Day). Shoes are pretty much the only exception. It is sometimes hard to find shoes in a certain size in thrift stores, you can't really fake it or alter shoes like you can any other garment. 

I sometimes feel like my wardrobe does kind of suffer from this and that's probably why I've felt pretty "blah" about getting dressed for the last couple of months. But I know that I just need to man up, continue to not go spending crazy and try to become a little bit more creative with my thrifting and altering. End of ramble.

 Do any of you guys feel the same way? Or am I just a weirdo?



Maria Sofia said...

I feel kind of the same way... I can't bare the thought of spending a ton of money in just one piece, unless it's real quality. Sometimes buying something cheaper ends up with me having to replace it after a year or so. And I've never been to thrift store, I don't think we have much of that here, but I do buy with discounts as often as I can! Except, like you said, shoes. They're expensive, but if their quality is poor, your feet and back will suffer!

jessie said...

you're not weird, i feel guilty about new purchases also. but sometimes, you just gotta! i think buying a few expensive quality items, and then thrift up the rest, is a good plan.

Kristin said...

Lately, this is why I always treat myself a new dress (at a sale or cheap price) every weekend or every other week. I shop at F21 and H&M. Its nice to throw in something new. But I also enjoy wearing out clothes and not buying too much. I feel like I am wasting money. This time a bought a few dresses for the summer. : )

Stevia said...

Hey, maggie
You definitely not alone
Everytime I purchased something, the 1st thing come in my mind is wow it is rather expensive, if I had thirfted, I could probably get 3 items
Oh well.. I guess it's fine to treat yourself once in a while :)


two birds said...

i am the same way! i go thrifting a lot though, so i even feel guilty about spending $15 on something!! as for your closet, i bet you have a ton of cute pieces that you could remix together. but feeling blah is normal...everyone goes through that!

Caitlin said...

I rarely spend full price on any clothing item. I'm so good at finding sales that I forget what it's like to buy something at full price. Because of that my closet is filled with cheap, but cute, items that I've rarely worn. Which is why I'm doing the 30 for 30 challenge..this is the first time I've read your blog but it may be something you would be interested in! I found it at this site:

lasophia said...

Haha, I don't mess with my feet either! I rarely thrift shoes. But you are right yes, being a thrifter does make retail shopping very difficult.


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