Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Fun!

This is what my weekend mostly looked like, except for the fact that this photo is from last summer. I am so bad about bringing my camera with me anywhere. I never take my nice camera out because I'm terrified of breaking it and my other camera is always messed up! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon though.

On Friday Rickey and I went to this river spot (above) and swam and played for a couple of hours before going out to dinner. Then, on Saturday I worked during the day. When I got off I headed over to a friend's house where they were already swimming and joined in. After that Rickey and I went out to dinner again and back over to our friend's for some more night swimming. Finally, on Sunday the entire afternoon was spent in another friend's pool!  I don't know how I went almost all weekend without getting any sun, but I finally got a pretty wicked sunburn on Sunday. Overall it was an awesome weekend! 3 days of swimming in 3 different bodies of water! I don't think I could really ask for much more from a Summer weekend!


Kristin said...

neat! what a nice view. great way too cool off during the summer. :)

Little Lo Hood said...

that looks perfect! i love swimming in rivers and I know exactly how you feel about bringing your fancier camera with you...I usually don't but I try to bring my polaroid or 35mm with me everywhere! glad you had a great weekend! :) -Lo

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