Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Film Fest Vol. 4

I'm a little surprised it has taken me this long to talk about my all-time favorite filmmaker, Wes Anderson. Maybe it was to keep myself from scaring you all away with my crazy obsession with everything he does. So I'll try not to go into too much detail or bore you with a million fun facts.
One of my favorite things about Wes Anderson and the work he does is his precise consistency and his attention to aesthetic detail. No matter what each film may be about you can always count on his recurring trademark elements like beautiful design and style, rich, bold colors, similar camera shots, powerful slow motion scenes, recurring cast members and his trademark font among many others.
Not only are his film wonderful to look at, they have powerful stories filled with dark and dry humored characters, quirk and wit. All of Anderson's films have made it into the Criterion Collection except for The Fantastic Mr. Fox (yet!). I cannot wait for his next movie, Moonrise Kingdom.
Not only am I in love with the work of Wes, but his brother, Eric Chase Anderson, too! Eric Anderson does all of the illustrations for Wes' movies, but more on him later, he'll get a post all to himself! 
My tattoo is from this Anderson illustration.
If you haven't seen one of his movies watch one NOW! And tell me what you think!

Watch them all!
Bottle Rocket
The Life Aquatic
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Darjeeling Limited
The Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Jem said...

I absolutely LOVE Bottlerocket, The Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited - each one usually has me grinning from ear to ear. My favourite has the be The Life Aquatic though - it's just so touching while being hilarious. I can't decide whose character is best acted as the cast is stellar and don't get me started on the soundtrack: immense!

Jem xXx

Magdalena said...

Hey Brynna,

Found your blog on twitter. Glad to see a fellow Wes Anderson fan. I've seen all his films (don't ask for a favorite, but I find myself thinking about Life Aquatic a lot).
I bet you probably already know him, but to any other readers out there, if you like Wes, even a little bit, I would recommend Noah Baumbach. He's a co-writer on some of Anderson's films, and they're good friends. Baumbach is a great writer and director, sharp dialogue, well-paced narratives, other cool stuff. In fact, now I'm inspired to write a bit about him.
Great post. Love your tattoo.

Brynna said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! I'm happy to hear from other Wes Anderson lovers!
And yes, I also love Noah Baumbach. He will definitely get a Film Fest post all to himself too!

Deirdre said...

ahhhhhhhhhh love this post! so cool that you have this as a tat! I remember noticing it in one of the photos of the dresses I bought from you, so cool! love wes anderson so so much!

xx deirdre

Little Lo Hood said...

I do love Wes Anderson! I think Darjeeling Limited is one of my all time favorites! thanks for sharing...can't wait for that new movie..still some I need to catch up on too! :) -Lo

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