Wednesday, June 1, 2011


These are a few of the pieces that have been added to the shop yesterday and today. I was so close to keeping that red and white polka dot dress for myself, I may have taken it out for a little joyride to the post office the other day. I also held on to that novelty cat print dress for myself for a little bit, but never brought myself to wear it out after all the comments and laughs it got from the boy. So, I guess I'll let someone else enjoy it. haha. 
Today after I got out of work I was on a mission to find some sandals. We have some pretty strict dress codes at work and I have a shortage of cute shoes that fit their standards so I need to find some quickly. I searched the mall, Target and the TJ Maxx next door. Nothing! Can anyone tell me where all of the cute, flat and affordable sandals are?

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Little Lo Hood said...

I love that polka dot dress!! it is currently in my favorites and I think I will be doing a post shortly on my favorite etsy finds of lately. what about - I love these so much and they seem comfy and come in different colors ( :)

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