Friday, December 16, 2011


Kind of a mash up of things I'm liking, things I'm loving and things I'm looking forward to.
The trailer for Five Year Engagement is finally out! I've been looking forward to this one, and you know, everything Jason Segel does.
I just discovered the Handmade Ryan Gosling tumblr last night. Seriously hilarious! He totally gets what I go through as an Etsy seller. haha.
I also just found out the other day that not only is Ben Kweller's new album coming out in February, but he is also coming back to St. Louis and playing at Off Broadway in March!
Getting ready for some Christmas cookie baking this coming week!
This cute little stool would be so simple to make yourself! I really just want to get a million of those cute little mid century style furniture legs and put them on everything!
Less than one month until I finally get a new phone! I'm pretty sure I'll get an iphone, even if it's mostly for the plethora of awesome cases out there! I don't know how I'll ever decide! 

In other news: this week's challenge -- while not being able to show anything for it, has been very productive. I only wore the dress that I picked out for this week, but decided that I should get rid of all three pieces! Feels good to make some room for some new stuff that I'll actually wear (or maybe just some more polka dots. just kidding... maybe)

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


Amelie Obscura said...

I love that Ryan Gosling Craft Tumblr. It is so hilarious and he totally gets me ;)

Thanks for sharing!

lina said...

ohhh my goodness that movie looks sooo good!!! i LOVE emily blunt. & i am starting to adore jason segel : )

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