Friday, December 30, 2011

2011's Greatest Hits

Some of my favorite posts from 2011...
Some cute girls in Maggie's Farm Vintage showing appreciation!
All year I've been dreaming about decorating and collecting all kinds of images of inspiring spaces.
A super fun and friend filled  St. Patrick's Day celebration!
I introduced Film Fest, an ongoing blog feature based on all things film related.
I completed the first round of 30 days of Lists and then some of my own.
Kid Crushes was one of my favorites, featuring all of my biggest childhood crushes!
My post about what I like to call "Shopper's Guilt" made me glad to hear other people feel the same way I do.
There were more outfits featured on this blog than the previous year! 
Fun Fact Friday is another feature introduced in 2011. 
The first post of many details around our new home.
Shop Spotlight was another feature I added this year to share some of my favorite Etsy shops.
The One with the Lists was another collection of celebrity crushes.
I also started a weekly wardrobe Challenge!

I really can't believe that 2011 is already coming to an end! It has flown by way too fast!
I had plans to do a few new years themed posts this week, but I think most of them will be popping up after the new year. Stay tuned!

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