Thursday, December 8, 2011

same place, different day

Mission accomplished! I have now worn 4 of my challenge pieces and decided to get rid of the last piece! Sorry the color is way off, we don't have any overhead lighting in this room and lamps make for some funny lighting.

This cardigan is one of my new favorites. The rusty color is perfect and I kind of want to wear it everyday. The skirt is another piece that I bought for the shop, but decided I liked it too much to part with it. I've got to stop doing that! 

I think I need to make this wardrobe challenge a regular thing! 

cardigan & scarf: forever 21
top, skirt & shoes: thrifted


lina said...

your house looks seriously cute!!

Paula said...

I love this outfit, it looks really cute! And I like your hair :) have a great week!

hannah, heart city said...

great outfit- and your door is so cute! great blog :)

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