Monday, February 27, 2012

Some newish items in the shop. Some have been added in the last week or so and some will be added in the next couple of days. There are some great treasures in this batch, have you seen that giraffe shirt? It looks like some crazy swirly design from further away, but then at a closer looks it's a bunch of giraffes! There is also a recurring theme of babydoll dresses, drop waists and a bunch of pretty cute tops. Check 'em out!


Liz Kantner said...

I don't see the Navy Blue Polka dot top on the bottom left on your Etsy, did it sell? I also love the floral skirt on the top right!

Heather Belle said...

Love the little white polka dotted dress with the black bow! Cuuute!
xo Heather

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