Friday, February 24, 2012

stuff & things vol. 6

This week's edition starts off with the perfect shoe. Look at all of those! While I probably won't ever be spending that much for a real pair of Swedish Hasbeens, I hope to get a pair of knockoffs this Spring!

This adorable little picnic in a suitcase is pretty perfect.
This funny cat picture with cat wallpaper! What?!
This neat tote bag with the ingredients for guacamole.
I know I've been talking about pastels all week, but this pretty dress definitely deserved a shout out!  
And finally, even though I didn't see many of the nominated movies I'm really looking forward to watching the Oscars on Sunday!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


TheHeadlessMannequin said...

Those shoes and that picnic basket have me giddy for summer!! Also can't wait for the Oscars...the only problem being that living in Scotland I won't get to watch them till Monday night so I'll have to try and spend all day beforehand dodging conversations/newsheadlines etc about who won what :) Have a lovely weekend!

Heather Belle said...

Oh my goodness I need that picnic basket/suitcase! Love!
That dress is stunning, too!
xo Heather

Ruby Girl said...

oh my goodness that dress IS adorable!! xoxo linds of

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