Thursday, March 1, 2012

instagram round 2

Well, maybe just iphone photos since only some of them were instagrammed. Either way, it's nice to take/gather my boring everyday photos together somewhere. You know, even if they are all either my face or my cat. Whoops. 

(left to right)
1. a messy desk
2. valentine's flowers
3. coffee, pyrex and my face
4. snoring kitty
5. new business cards finally!
6. apricot beer
7. couch face
8. lounging maude
9. tomato plant before maude ate it
10. car face
11. crafty cat
12. sliced some peppers, the juice was a perfect silhouette. weird.
13. thrifted a funny cat pillow
14. sleeping in a hanger
15. target
16. vintage goods
17. red lips, big hair
18. a bunch of snow

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Heather Belle said...

You are so adorable! I love the 2nd to last picture with the red lips! So gorgeous :)
xo Heather

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