Monday, August 2, 2010

The Snail and the Pigeon

The lovely girls from La Ville Inconnue recently had the great idea to start a nice little international gift exchange! I was really excited to find out about this and to start getting involved. I always read about the Delightful Dozen and think that it's such a neat idea to share items with other people and just send them around the world! I have finally finished all of my "By the Sea" themed swap shopping and am excited to send it off!

I had originally wanted to do this post and share my partner's work with all of you, but for some reason I am unable to upload any of it! She is a photographer who has done some really wonderful work! I think all of her Bondi beach photos on her flickr have to be my favorite. And she has a website for her photography with some really awesome shots there too!

In other news this weekend has been full of work, shop stuff and sharks! Does anyone else love SHARK WEEK? It really stinks that we don't have cable here--we went to a friend's house last night to hang out and watch some :)

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.Alyspank said...

What a cute idea! I've recently signed up for a penpal project that's being hosted by the blog Oh, My Darling. I love how people are getting more creative on reaching out to others other than just behind our blog. You'll have to let us know how it goes!

I've also been peeking around your other posts and can't help but notice how cute the things you put in your shop are! I'm definitely going to check it out!

-Weezy from

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