Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have marked down a bunch of the more summery items in the shop in order to make room for my new fall inventory. I've already hit some stores pretty hard and found some really great stuff to fill the shop with. I'm really excited about all of it! And I'm REALLY looking forward to fall too! BUT for those of you who live somewhere that will still hold the summer heat for a while or you just want to grab some really awesome deals then you should certainly head on over!! Items have been marked down up to 50% off with nothing over $15! All items included in the sale have been labeled "SUMMER SALE ." and are also in the Sale category.


Robyn Meagher said...

I would love to buy the red shirt dress you have but the waist is so tiny. I'm not sure it would fit :( And I love the Highway 61 bag :)

Brynna said...

Aw, that stinks! You know to double the waist measurements, right? That bag is so cute though. I really thought about not selling it and keeping it for myself, but it's much bigger than purses I usually use, so I'll let someone else grab it!

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