Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ben Kweller Round 2!

Yet another fantastic show put on by Ben Kweller! This time he played at The Pageant, which isn't my favorite St. Louis venue, but it is still pretty cool (except for being kind of expensive). There wasn't the biggest turn out for his set probably because 1. he was opening for Pete Yorn and not headlining 2. again, it was pretty expensive and 3. Oscar night. With all of those factors I'm sure a lot of people decided not to come out for this show. Too bad for them though! He played some great stuff all on his own and was awesome! He also always says something about St. Louie when he comes. Cute!
Since he was playing with Pete Yorn and I hadn't heard any of his music beforehand I got one of his albums a little bit ago. It was okay, but just okay. We decided to stay for his set too hoping that maybe Ben would come out and do a song or two with him, but then we decided to just take off after a few songs instead. As we walked out probably talking about how awesome the show was Rickey stops and said 'I think that was him!' We spotted him just lounging (actually laying out on a bench) in a hookah bar a couple shops down from the Pageant! So we stepped in to say hi and told him how great he was and everything for a second. I made sure we were right in thinking he wasn't going back on. And then we got hugs!

So, it was a great night. Definitely worth missing the Oscars over! They were kind of lame anyway.

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Amy said...

Ah man so lucky! I love BK. I've seen him every single time he's come to Utah, and I'll continue to do so. He's such a champ.

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