Sunday, April 10, 2011


These pictures are from Friday afternoon when I planned to run a few errands and head back home to work on some homework, but it was way too beautiful out to spend the whole day inside. So Rickey and I got lunch at Blues City Deli and sat outside in the sun with some delicious sandwiches and tried out Schlafly's Summer Lager--very good! Then we headed over to Lafayette Park to take pictures. We hadn't been there before, but were both a little blown away by how wonderful it is! And we explored less than half of it, so I'm excited to go back and check out the rest soon!
I found both this shirt and skirt thrifting last week. I immediately fell in love with the adorable scallops, buttons and mint green color of the top. And I was debating hemming the skirt up, but I thought I'd try it at this length first. I'm still not sure which I'd like more. What do you think?
 Thank you all so much for your input on my hair post. I've checked out the links you guys recommended and I'm going to get my hair cut today! This will be my first professional haircut (not done by myself or a friend) that I've had in 6 years I think! I'm planning to have it trimmed to get rid of the damage at the ends and add in some layers. I'm excited!

blouse, skirt & belt: thrifted
shoes: target


Kristin said...

place looks amazing! i love your color combos!

She is Sara said...

Cute look! I can't wait to see your haircut :)

hannah, heart city said...

super cute- yay for spring!

Little Lo Hood said...

aww so cute, love the details on the shirt!

Melly-Emmy said...

i like the outfit and i love your hair :) reminds me of kate nash :) xx

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